Advisory Committee

Peter Hawley, BSc, PGeo

Mr. Hawley has 33 years mining-industry experience that spans grassroots exploration through to development and production. He has worked extensively as a consulting geologist to a large number of intermediate and senior mining companies including Teck Corp., Noranda Inc., Placer Dome Inc. and Barrick Gold Corp. Mr. Hawley is also experienced in private and public company financing and corporate administration, and is currently Chairman, Director of Scorpio Mining Corporation, Director of Scorpio Gold Corporation, Abitex Resources Inc., Chimata Gold Corporation and Maxtech Ventures Inc.

Randy V.J. Smallwood, PEng

Mr. Smallwood, P.Eng., is currently President and CEO of Silver Wheaton Corp. and Director of Tigray Resources Inc., Geologix Explorations Inc. and Riva Gold Corp. (also former Director of Ventana Gold Corp.). He is one of the founding members of Silver Wheaton, and in 2007 joined Silver Wheaton full time as Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, primarily focusing on growing the company through the evaluation and acquisition of silver stream opportunities. In January 2010 he was appointed President of Silver Wheaton, and in April 2011 was appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. Smallwood originally started as an exploration geologist in 1993 with Wheaton River Minerals Ltd., and in 2001 was promoted to Director of Project Development, his role through its 2005 merger with Goldcorp. He was an instrumental part of the team that built Wheaton River / Goldcorp into one of the largest, and more importantly most profitable gold companies in the world, and through the last ten years has been involved in several billions of dollars worth of growth activities, both through M&A or organic methods. Mr. Smallwood holds a geological engineering degree from the University of British Columbia and a Mine Engineering Diploma from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. He has also worked with Homestake Mining Company, Teck Corp. and Westmin Resources.